Rory’s Story Cubes Writing Prompts

I hinted earlier this week that I was making some changes around here, and this is the big one. Like many voracious readers, I’m also a writer. Coming up with ideas is usually no problem for me (I actually have the opposite problem more often) but now and then I need some help. And I’ve found Rory’s Story Cubes to be immensely helpful. It’s a set of dice with various images on each face. You just roll the dice and use the pictures to make a story. There’s a whole collection of something like 81 dice, but the original set is 9.

It’s a helpful tool that I recommend you look into getting for yourself, but right now I’m offering to do the hard work for you. (Because rolling 9 dice simultaneously is not for the weak of wrist.) So here’s how this is going to work.

The first Saturday of every month starting this Saturday, August 4th, I’m going to post a picture of the 9 dice exactly as I rolled them that morning. You have one week to comment on the picture, turning it into a story prompt. Feel free to use all 9 dice to make your own story, but for the purpose of a one-sentence prompt, you have to use at least 6 of them. (I’m figuring this out as I go, those numbers might change.)

The second Saturday of every month I will pick my favorite writing prompt out of the ones that have been submitted in the comments section and post it as a challenge for the rest of the month. Write your own story based on that prompt and send it to Why would you do that? Keeping reading to find out!

The third Saturday of every month I will post The Meerkat’s Tale, which will be my take on that month’s writing prompt. I might use characters from my works-in-progress or invent new ones just for this. It will be a good writing exercise for me, and hopefully entertaining for you. Feel free to leave feedback, but keep it constructive, please.

The fourth Sunday of every month I will post The Meerkat’s Favorite, which is exactly what it sounds like, my favorite stories of the ones submitted after the prompt is posted on week 2. At the moment all you’ll win is bragging rights and whatever exposure you get from being on my blog, but if this grows I’ll try to scrounge up some prizes for winners. The story rules are as follows: any genre is allowed, but please no explicit sex scenes, excessive swearing, or unnecessary graphic violence, all of which is determined at my discretion. No fanfiction please, original characters only, although rules were made to be broken and if you blow me away with an incredibly funny or inspiring new take on some famous literary personalities, I can make an exception. I’m not making any hard and fast rules about length at this time, but the longer it is the less likely I am to read it in its entirety.

I’m excited for the Meerkat’s Monthly Writing Challenge, and I hope you are too! See you Saturday!


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